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3 Cookwares to use Silicone Steamer Basket

Instant pot

Give it a try to use the Cuisine Wonders silicone steamer basket in your instant pot. The size is just right for most popular 6 qt/5qt model. It is easier than regular metal steam basket to put in and out of the pot by holding the handles. Besides, it comes with two colorful instant pot rings to save you money as buying a bundle.

Electric pressure cookers

For all electric pressure cookers and rice cookers with non-stick liner, silicone steamer basket is a smart choice for the steam insert. Your inner pot can last multiple times longer without scratching caused by metal steamer basket. You don't need to have multiple steamer basket for different pot surface if you have this one, which will save your kitchen storage space.


Heat resisting of 500 F, silicone steamer basket provides you healthy steam vegetables to feed your family in microwave oven for just minutes. The must have and best suit for the fast pace of modern world.